Optical design

Emergency Lighting Optics

The provision of Emergency lighting is required in public spaces for both large areas and corridors. Conventional circular distributions of light from luminaires are inefficient at filling both types of area. Polymer Optics has developed optics to efficiently collect the light output from a Lambertian output LED and produce both rectangular and square beams with uniform illuminance optimized for this application. Our 290 optic is designed for corridor emergency lighting but also has other uses such as high bay lighting for walkways. Mounted at 2.5m it produces a 2m x 10m evenly illuminated rectangle of light that allows the minimum 1 Lux emergency lighting requirement for corridors to be met using a single LED that outputs just 25 lumens of light. Our 532, 535 & 536 Optics produce square areas of light with widths of 2.4x, 3.5x and 6.6x the mounting height respectively allowing large areas to be efficiently lit with square patterns of ceiling mounted luminaires.

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Optical ServicesServices

Design and Development

The latest computer optical design and ray trace programs with optomechanical innovation are used to take full advantage of plastics materials. Complex optical surfaces combined with integral low cost assembly features.



SLA (Stereolithography), SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), Clear SLA, SLA to Vacuum Casting, Direct Machining and Tooling options.



Proven optical quality toolmakers are chosen and assisted by mould flow analysis to optimize the tool. Our specialist toolmakers are skilled in optical surface generation and polishing.


Global Manufacturing

Our moulders are trained in the art of optical moulding. Mould flow process analysis and thorough F.M.E.A. is controlled by the Project Manager to ensure quality and quantity.


Technical Development

Our integrated approach to design enables optical components to become part of the total solution, including how they interface with the other non-optical components.


Optical Coatings and Films

Plastics optical components can be coated in poly-siloxane and acrylate based resin blends to impart more robust properties.


Project Management

Every project has a dedicated Manager to ensure as tasks are actioned, the client is kept informed on progress at each stage. Timing plans are used to monitor progress against agreed milestones and they ensure full control through-out the design, tooling, sampling and production stages.


  • Design and Development
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling
  • Global Manufacturing
  • Technical Development
  • Optical Coatings and Films
  • Project Management