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Design and development

Whatever the scale of your project, POL can support you in developing the most cost effective product solution. Projects can range from customers’ initial conceptual ideas, where we support and advise on all aspect of the product development, through to “make to drawing” production support.

POL’s capability to “engineer with light” provides product solutions for all applications across the whole spectrum from UV, through visible to infrared.

Optical Design and Analysis

POL uses the latest computer optical design softwares for advanced 3D “un-constrained” optical raytracing, photometric analysis and imaging systems design. This range of powerful commercial softwares are further enhanced by our own in-house developed design programs, which give POL specialist capabilities for novel types of optical applications. These advanced optical ray tracing and photometric mapping routines give real-world simulation results of the optical system to demonstrate the design performance and in many cases remove the need for prototyping before moving to production tooling.

Mechanical Design

The most cost effective optical designs, integrate mechanical features into the optical components to aid assembly and reduce the number of components in the overall assembly. The POL design team has wide expertise in integrated opto-mechanical design methods, including Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) techniques.

In many cases, our opto-mechanical design input has to harmonise with the customer’s overall product aesthetics and the optical components become an important part of the final product styling.

Our optical design programs interface directly with our CAD packages and provide a reliable communication to our customers, toolmakers and moulding facilities. Moldflow analyses are also used to determine product and process capability prior to tooling builds.

Materials Knowledge

Compared to traditional optical glass, the refractive index and dispersion range of plastic materials is limited. Therefore, some systems require a mix of elements produced from different materials or even hybrid glass/plastics constructions. POL’s knowledge of the optical and thermal characteristics of plastics is an essential part of the design process that ensures both performance and compatibility to other components.

Optical ProductsProducts

LED Optics

Polymer Optics “Modular LED Optics”® design, based on a patented hexagonal format, allows maximum packing density and assembly flexibility for a wide range of applications.

We have also developed specialist optics for the latest range of high power UV LEDs emerging onto the market. These are made from high quality optical silicone to give excellent UV transmission with no long term degradation. See POL’s Silicone Optics page for further details.

We design and supply a comprehensive range of high quality, standard products for use with most world-leading LED devices

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Hybrid Reflectors

Hybrid Reflector design uses a central lens to collect and collimate the on-axis light from the LED.

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Our expertise in efficient light control in Lightguide assemblies, enables a lower number of LEDs to achieve the maximum performance.

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Free Form Optics

Free-Form optics are a relatively recent development which offer a step change in the way wide areas are illuminated by LEDs.

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Infrared Optics

Our "engineering with light" approach allows us to provide product solutions for all applications across the whole spectrum from Visible to Infrared.

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Imaging Optics

Developed tooling techniques enable us to produce precision optical surfaces with optical apertures of less than 1mm in diameter, required for miniature camera lens applications.

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Our design approach, using light scattering pattern techniques, have enabled us to provide high efficiency display illuminations with very compact space envelopes, which use the minimum of light sources and electrical power consumption.

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Eye Protection

Our experience in designing and developing ophthalmic products, enables us to provide precision, impact resistant, eye protection optics for applications such as: fire protection, motor cycle visors, industrial PPE and military systems.

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Street Lighting

Polymer Optics have designed and manufactured a range of optics for street lighting, to meet both the ME and S class regimes of EN13201-2 in Europe and the requirements of IESNA RP-8-00 in the USA.

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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting and Visual Alarm Devices are applications where light from an LED has to be efficiently distributed over a wide area. POL’s free form optics technology is particularly suited for applications which require wide area illumination.

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Silicone Optics

POL can now provide advanced optical product design and rapid manufacture in the latest silicone resins to gain design and cost advantages in our customers’ applications.

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Colour Mixing Technology

Our patented prismatic colour mixing optic was introduced to enable good colour mixing, for narrow beam angle systems, using three discrete LED sources.

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Brand named “GloWorm®”, the novel lightguide technology enables the light projected from a simple lightguide to be redirected and shaped

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