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LED Colour Mixing Technology

Over many years, POL has developed a number of colour mixing technologies to maximise the application of multi-colour and single colour LEDs in colour controlled system.

Our patented prismatic colour mixing optic was introduced to enable good colour mixing, for narrow beam angle systems, using three discrete LED sources. These can be either RGB or some other mix to give a colour controlled illumination system.

Compact POL Colour Mixer Optic

Compact POL Colour Mixer Optic

LED Colour Mixing Technology

POL’s Colour Mixer Optic uses a patented prismatic technique to mix the LED colours inside the optic, while maintaining a narrow beam.

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shower colours

RGB Shower Optic for Hansa, GmbH, using POL’s patented colour mixing technology.

LED Colour Mixing Technology
Colour Mixer Hybrid Reflector

Perfect colour mixing can be achieved with the POL Colour Mixer Hybrid Reflector optics, allowing an infinite range of illumination colours to be produced with a constant and stable beam geometry.

An additional advantage is that the appearance of the emitted light from the optic is a uniform mixed colour too, removing the usual visible spots of RGB seen in other colour mixing approaches.

POL also produce reflector products by conventional metal spinning and using vacuum metallisation of plastic moulded reflector substrates, but similarly POL can integrate the Hybrid Reflector central lens component into these other production routes.

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