3D printing | Laser machining

SLA (Stereolithography), SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

For sample manufacture of mechanical parts, housings, etc.

Clear SLA

Clear colourless resins for windows, lightguides and simple lens components

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SLA to Vacuum Casting

  • SLA model sealed and polished then used as master for a silicone rubber tool
  • Parts cast in clear polyester resins – expect 70-80% of production performance
  • It is possible to produce a sample batch of up to 20 parts from the silicone tool

Direct Machining

CNC machining and polishing of cast PMMA acrylic and precision diamond turning.

Tooling options

  • Aluminium tools -lower manufacturing time/cost – soft and poor optical finish
  • Soft steel tools -medium manufacturing time/cost – not fully hardened, but good optical finish
  • Fully hardened steel production tools – higher manufacturing time/cost – best tool life and highest performance

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