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Silicone Optics

POL can now provide advanced optical product design and rapid manufacture in the latest silicone resins to gain design and cost advantages in our customers’ applications.

The properties of optical silicone resins can be fully applied in POL’s opto-mechanical design capabilities, providing optimised optical performance, reduced part count and lower overall  product costs.

The advantages of optical silicone resins are:


  • Excellent transparency giving high light transport efficiency

  • No yellowing under high temperatures and prolonged high UV exposure

  • High colour and mechanical stability gives prolonged product life

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  • Flexible resins giving high impact resistance

  • Thick and thin component sections can be moulded accurately with no sinks

  • Flexibility of the resin allows undercuts to be accommodated in the part design

  • Seals can be moulded into the optic, reducing need for secondary sealing on assemblies

  • Optics have intrinsic vibration dampening and shock resistance

  • Minimal compression set under deformation loads

  • Enables over-moulding onto light sources and other components

  • Hardness – 70 Shore A and other hardnesses available for specialist applications


  • High thermal resistance from -40°C  to 150°C

  • High chemical resistance

Silicone Optics

Standard Silicone UV Optics:

POL has now developed standard optical solutions for high power UV LEDs for applications such as:

  • UV curing of adhesives

  • UV curing of printing inks and lacquers

  • Indoor and outdoor UV decorative lighting

  • Water sterilisation

  • Microscopy illumination

  • Currency inspection

  • Forensic analysis

  • Non-destructive testing

  • Detection of fluorescent minerals

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