PIR Cap Lens

Date Completed

November 2020

Specialist Area

PIR Lens for Motion Detection

Reducing the cost of production for the lifetime of a product is part of what we do in every project.

The Cap Lens is small compact PIR lens for motion detection for mid to short‐range applications in the home and office. We introduced this lens to cater for the lighting control industry, but it has numerous uses in the security industry too, particularly for indoor shelf mounted devices controlled by phone and tablet apps.

We wanted to provide an easy‐to‐implement lens that would provide OEM’s with a complete solution, without the need for expensive custom NRE costs. The lens holder presses onto a standard TO5 pyro, meaning you don’t need to worry about getting the focal distance right. The lens and holder is a self‐contained system, so no fear of any contamination or stray light reaching the pyro. It’s a lens system ready to use!


These compact lenses have a flange around the edge for a 20mm o‐ring which makes them easy to seal for IP66 rating. The lens holder can be supplied in a transparent material to allow light from an activation LED to pass through. The lenses are available in three colours: Natural, White and Black. There are two versions of the product: Horizontal Curtain (HC) and 360 Ceiling Lens.

The HC version is primarily intended for wall mounted applications where the target will cross the zones at a range of 2‐10 metres. If the lens is shelf mounted at a suitable height the detection beams will sit above the height of household pets, thereby giving full pet immunity. The HC lens is ideal for the following applications:

  1. Covert security devices
  2. Wall switch PIR units
  3. Shelf mounted security devices with pet immunity
  4. Corridor ceiling mounted devices
  5. Garden lights
  6. Doorbells
assy side - PIR Cap Lens

360 Cap Lens

The 360 Ceiling version works best when mounted at 2‐4 metres and provides an 8m diameter coverage area with closely packed zones for excellent minor‐motion detection. The lens can also be used in wall mounted applications. The 360 lens is ideal for the following applications:

  1. Office lighting control
  2. Washroom lighting and fan control
  3. Wall mounted light switches
  4. Air conditioning units
  5. Control panel activation
  6. Doorbells

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