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Polymer Optics is a leading supplier of Passive Infra-Red (PIR) lenses and PIR lens design services to the security and lighting control industries.

While our lenses are mostly used for security and lighting applications, they have numerous other area sensing applications for products such as fan control, door activation, temperature measurement and general energy measurement.

Polymer Optics’ designers have been at the forefront of PIR lens design for over 20 years. Our in-house developed ray-trace software can accurately predict the performance of the PIR lens before committing to tooling.

We also develop novel manufacturing methods for precision tooling manufacture and high quality moulded lenses.

Ray Trace 2 - Infrared Optics

Raytrace simulation showing PIR detection zones projected on to walls and ceiling. This type of simulation tool helps visualise the performance of the lens and confirms the product design performance.

Obsolete part re-manufacturing

Custom Fresnel's Murata

Walk Test Simulation

Raytrace simulation showing predicted signal response across PIR detection zones. These simulations are used to ensure that an acceptable signal is available from all the Fresnel facets, to guide the product’s electronic design.

When a supplier “Murata” cancelled all production on one of their PIR Lens units, we were approached by customers to see if we had a drop-in replacement. Parts were needed as designed in and critical to their production.

POL was able to take their real world needs and engineer a solution that is unique to each customer, while still fitting within the working envelope.

We could have designed and built a copy part but as they were not using all the optical area, we saved them money on complex tooling by designing and tooling only the optical area needed.

So, we have gone from a complex multi zone Fresnel lens to a multi zone spot lens hence reducing tooling lead-times and costs.

Types of lenses

Standard Cap Lens Range available to sample through Amazon

Cap Lenses - Infrared Optics
Cap Lenses

Standard Off-the-Shelf Cap Lenses

Small and compact, these lenses are suitable for numerous security and lighting applications, in the office, or around the home.

Lens pushes onto TO5 pyro to ensure correct focal length and orientation. Casing traps lens flange so that the lens is held securely.

For further details refer to our PDF datasheet.

Custom Lens

We offer custom lens design services according to your needs. We have designed hundreds of lenses for almost every application.

We use Creo CAD software to build 3D lens models. These models are exported to our optical ray-tracing software which has custom routines written by the design team to enable closer to real walk test results hence we optimise for best performance.

We also offer full tooling and moulding capability. with some unique options for tooling of these complex parts.

Standard High Bay Lenses

The High-Bay lens is designed for indoor passive infrared (PIR) detection in applications where the detector is mounted relatively high on the ceiling.

Typically within warehouses, workshops, retail and atrium areas.

For further details refer to our PDF datasheet.

Standard Office Lenses

The Office lens is designed for passive infrared (PIR) detection in applications where the detector is usually mounted on low ceilings.

Office lens’ are ideal when minor-motion detection is important: typically offices, washrooms, corridors, cloakrooms and entrance halls.

FF31 Flat Lenses

For applications where aesthetic quality is the number one priority, we have developed a flat PIR ceiling lens.

The lens utilises POL’s patented freeform Fresnel technology to minimise zone distortion and provide the same detection capability as a domed lens.

For further details refer to our PDF datasheet.

Single Element Lenses

Single element Fresnel lens for Thermopile or PIR applications. 15mm focal length, 22mm diameter (including flange).

For further details refer to our PDF datasheet

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