Imaging Optics

Polymer Optics has worked with technology leaders to develop innovative imaging optic solutions.

Plastic optics have many advantages within imaging systems over conventional all glass optic designs.

Using plastic optics allows us to:

  • Incorporate aspheric and cylindrical surfaces that reduce the number of optical components required
  • Include mounting and alignment features that reduce the number of mechanical components
  • Integrate reflector surfaces into housings to improve robustness
  • Mould in plastic including filter dyes (both visible and near infrared) that reduce glare and noise
  • Use lower density materials for reduced weight

Polymer Optics has worked with technology leaders to develop innovative imaging solutions.

One example of this is the Dyson 360 Eye™ robot vacuum cleaner, which has a central panoramic camera used for navigation.

The requirement was a very demanding one because this was an unconventional lens that needed excellent imaging performance and low manufacturing cost.

To meet Dyson’s specification, we used our experience of designing plastic optics to reduce the number of optical parts by making use of aspheric surfaces and multi-optic surface components.

We used our experience in manufacturing optics to optimise the design to find the best imaging performance with the biggest manufacturing tolerances in the areas we know to be most difficult to meet.

POL’s mechanical design experience for optics lead us to make extensive use of self-aligning features that reduced assembly costs and variability ensuring that demanding quality targets could be achieved.

If you have a requirement for imaging optics Polymer Optics can help you.

Not all our customers have a full specification for the optical performance of their system, and we are often approached by non-optical engineers who need help framing their requirement in optical terms.

POL engineers can help with all stages of a project, from an initial review of the options available through to final design and full production, if required.

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