How we work

Whatever the scale of your project, Polymer Optics can support you in developing the most cost-effective product solution. We can take your initial conceptual ideas, support you through design and development all the way down the road to manufacturing. Likewise, we are able to take you fully designed solution and turn this into a real product.

Every project has a dedicated Manager to ensure as tasks are actioned, the client is kept informed on progress at each stage. Timing plans are used to monitor progress against agreed milestones, and they ensure full control through-out the design, tooling, sampling and production stages.

IMG 1343 - How we work

Chosen partners

Working with our chosen partners, Polymer Optics will set up the most appropriate supply-chain to ensure our customers benefit from the best companies in their field.

Our knowledge in supply chain development and management, has proven to be extremely successful with some projects supplying in excess of half a million lightguides and PCB assemblies per annum into the automotive industry.

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