Street Lighting

Polymer Optics has designed and manufactured a range of optics for street lighting, to meet both the ME and S class regimes of EN13201-2 in Europe and the requirements of IESNA RP-8-00 in the USA.

POL work with customers to develop optics for walkway and car park lighting which feature Free-Form optics that increase both efficiency and light uniformity, while reducing light spill.

Our industry leading designs can distribute the light further, allowing luminaire manufacturers to increase the separation between columns (subject to glare limitations), so reducing installation costs. Their high efficiency means that the lumens output required from the LEDs can be reduced, which in turn reduces component cost and energy consumption.

Our Free-Form optics can be tailored to use LEDs from all the leading manufacturers.

If you have a requirement for any type of street or area illumination optics, we are happy to provide either just the optical design for your own manufacture or supply moulded parts either singly or in arrays. Polymer Optics is also able to provide assistance with specifying and applying secondary processes, such as dip or spray hard coatings for additional environmental protection, should this be required.

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