Optical Tooling

The reliable long term, futureproofed optical tooling solution.

Through a proven network of partner precision toolmakers, the construction of optical mould tools is carried out under POL’s tool design and close project management.

In many cases, our specialist toolmakers are skilled in optical surface generation and polishing, so can produce the entire tool set for the product to POL’s specification. However, POL’s extensive partner network of precision machining centres of excellence, enables us to have critical parts of the tool made by different processes and in different geographic locations where necessary, to bring together the best technology mix into the final tooling package.

This enables us to design, tool and manufacture novel product applications, selecting the best, most suitable technologies available.

Typically, we use highly inserted tool constructions, which enables the optical surfaces to be more precisely finished and ensures the longevity of the tool by making long term maintenance easier and lower cost.

Also, product design changes can be quickly and cheaply accommodated by simple removal and rework or replacement of inserted tool parts. This can make the tool construction more expensive than a cut-in-the-solid tool build, but gives a much more reliable long term performing and design modifications future-proofed solution.

However, we can supply a range of tooling solutions to suit the product development stage, timescale, precision and production expectation of the product, to give the most cost effective and reliable tooling and product supply package.

Tool designs are supported by MoldFlow analyses to verify the expected process performance and optimise the tool construction for reliable product mass manufacture.

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