Eye Protection

Polymer Optics Limited has vast experience in designing and developing ophthalmic products.

Our expert knowledge enables us to provide precision, impact resistant, eye protection optics for applications such as: fire protection, motorcycle visors, industrial PPE and military systems.

Customer product designs are imported to POL’s design softwares were we adjust and optimise the surface forms to remove residual optical power and distortions, while maintaining the customer’s overall product styling and functions.

The design results are analysed in POL’s customised softwares and presented to the customer in an easily understood “functional test” simulation.

These simulations allow any residual optical effects to be quantified against the specification and visualised for their effects.

Goggles and visor products are designed to comply with the required European Automotive Regulations, BS EN Standards, Military DEF Standards, or other Class 1 optical requirements.

Coating technologies

In addition to providing precision tooling and moulding services for these products, POL also provides coatings technologies to give the product hard, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant properties for harsh environments.

The moulding and coating processes are controlled to give the highest optical quality and ballistic impact resistance levels.

Other optical functions can also be added, such as infrared filtering and other light protection filtering properties.

POL developed the optical design, tooling and manufacturing processes for the GSR visor, to provide a high optical quality, impact resistant, abrasion resistant and chemically resistant product to withstand harsh battle environments and NBC agents.

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