Design with Light

POL uses the latest computer optical design software for advanced 3D “un-constrained” optical raytracing, photometric analysis and imaging systems design.

These powerful commercial software’s are further enhanced by our own in-house developed design programs. This gives POL specialist capabilities for novel types of optical applications.

Advanced optical ray tracing and photometric mapping routines give real-world simulation results of the optical system, thus demonstrating the design performance hence many times removes the need for prototyping before moving to production tooling.

Good optical designs integrate mechanical features into the optical components to aid assembly and reduce the components count for assembly.

Opto-mechanical design

In many cases, our opto-mechanical design input has to harmonise with the customer’s overall product aesthetics and the optical components become an important part of the final product styling.

Our optical design programs interface directly with our CAD packages and provide a reliable communication to our customers, toolmakers and moulding facilities.

Moldflow analyses are also used to determine product and process capability prior to tooling builds.

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