Visual Alarm Optics

Recent legislation across Europe and the USA has meant that Visual Alarm Devices (VADs) are now required along with sounders for emergency evacuation of public areas if events, like fire, are detected.

In Europe, the relevant specification defining the optical output from Visual Alarm Devices is EN54-23; in the USA it is UL1971.

Polymer Optics has designed both wall and ceiling optics for both specifications that allows manufacturers of VADs to produce just one LED PCB for all applications.

POL optics for VADs have the same mounting interface across our whole range, which means that by changing optics it is possible to have the same product used for both EN54-23 and UL1971 installations.

VADs designed to meet the EN54 part 23 regulations are specified for coverage area rather than luminous intensity in the case of those meeting UL1971. As a consequence for VADs meeting EN54-23 requirements the ratio of light sent downwards to that sent outwards changes according to the range specified. Because of this our EN54-23 optics are available in both long and short range versions.

In a number of countries red is the preferred colour for fire alarm VADs and our optics are available as standard in both clear and red tints. Other colours such as amber are available by request.

Visual Alarm

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