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The most cost-effective optical designs, integrate mechanical features into the optical components to aid assembly and reduce the number of components in the overall assembly. Our novel design approach and the wide expertise of our design teams, integrate opto-mechanical components and subassemblies into our customer’s products, using techniques such as, Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) techniques.

Our opto-mechanical designs harmonise with the customer’s overall product aesthetics, where they are part of the overall product styling, while fulfilling the functional requirements of the product system.

In many cases, the demands of POL’s customer’s projects require us to quickly develop novel product design solutions and/or product manufacturing techniques to support the on-going production.

To further support our products’ development, POL has a range of industry standard optical measuring techniques to verify and guide the opto-mechanical design and development process.

GloWorm - Product & Development

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