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Polymer Optics Automotive Limited (POAL) was set up to concentrate its expertise in optical product design, development, tooling and mass manufacture in the automotive market, supporting OEMs and 1st and 2nd Tier suppliers.

This allows POAL to specifically resource and support the automotive industry, but also draws on POL’s many years of product and process development and innovative approach. This has resulted in many patented techniques developed for automotive applications.

We’re here

When the consumer demands innovation.

The manufacturer demands space saving.

And the world demands energy efficiency.

POAL’s wide expertise in product design, assembly and manufacture enables us to apply advance Design for Manufacture (DFM) techniques to build in product reliability and dramatically reduce costs in tooling and product.

On many projects, POAL is able to reduce component counts in assemblies, speed assembly times and remove complex tooling features, while improving the optical efficiency and overall illumination performance of the system.

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POAL fully manages and supports the mass manufacture of automotive lighting products, together with the associated surrounding parts of the assembly, through carefully selected localised supply-chains.

These supply chains are built and managed by POAL to provide a wide range of process capabilities to supply innovative lighting products, with TS approved manufacturing partners.

This gives us very wide flexibility in the technologies we employ in our product designs.

A process that reduces design time,
production time & lead times

Take a look at our work in the automotive sector.

Reducing the cost of production for the lifetime of a product is part of what we do in every project.

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