Nissan Juke LCD Illumination

Nissan Juke LCD Illumination

POL Automotive was consulted to work on the Nissan Juke dashboard LCD screen. We were able to not only simplify the design of the reflector, but also reduce light-bleed and the improve contrast of the light at the same time.

Side-by-side comparison

Customers Concept

Original customer design used two injection moulded white reflectors to try to contain the light in the system.

Automotive 2

Light bleed at top of display and poor contrast:

Automotive 4

Original Customer Lightguide

Automotive 6

High level of light-bleed in the original customer design

Automotive 7

POL Automotive Concept

POL re-design uses a die-cut reflective polyester film to give a more efficient, low cost construction.

Automotive 3

Light bleed removed and contrast enhanced

Automotive 5

New POL Lightguide

Automotive 8

Dramatically reduced stray light in the POL design giving higher contrast display

Automotive 9

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