Nissan Qashqai Console Illumination

Nissan Qashqai Console Illumination

POL has developed the interior illumination system for the 2014 Nissan Qashqai which draws on POL’s wide polymer optical product development experience to introduce some novel product features.


500mm long lightguide illuminated from one end only, saving cost in the electronics and wiring harness.

Original customer design used two LEDs and a longer wiring harness.

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Laser etched

The laser etched tool surfaces provide precise light extraction and intensity in areas where required.

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Hard coated

Lightguide is hard coated for abrasion and chemical resistance against various reagents.

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Qashqai lens - Nissan Qashqai Console Illumination

Design for Assembly

Design for Assembly (DFA) and “Poka Yoke” techniques used to reduce cost and ensure reliability.

The lightguide was designed with advanced light control features and textures to independently control and adjust the illumination in the upper and lower sections, to achieve the required evenness and balance.

POL has patented new light control techniques to give fine control over the viewing angle, direction and evenness of the illumination projected onto contoured target surfaces in automotive and other similar applications.

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